ETK Elektronik

ETK offers superior quality as a first priority, enabling us to ensure customer satisfaction through a high level of service and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS).

The QMS defines the requirements for our business, along with the special requests of our customers. It also defines the necessary regulatory requirements.

ETK develops tools for establishing, reviewing and measuring our quality objectives, in order to build and maintain a state of the art QMS, with the objective to ensure our customers receive a continued high level of quality.

We are all responsible for committing to and complying with our Quality Management System.


CSR Policy

etk ems group csr policy

Rayong Certificates


etk ems asia iso13485


etk ems asia iso9001 2015


etk ems asia productions iso14001 2015

Skanderborg/Frederikssund Certificates


etk ems skanderborg iso9001 2015


etk ems skanderborg iso14001 2015


     Requirements to ETK suppliers:

      All suppliers to ETK are obligated to comply with following regulatory and legal requirements:

      RoHS 3 (EU 2015/863)


      Conflicting Minerals – Act of Dodd Frank

      Industry Code of Conduct










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